OrangeCrate is looking for a reliable location manager to help in running the day to day operations as well as deliver food from restaurants. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for flexibility in their work schedule as well as help guide a growing business as it thrives.

OrangeCrate’s current operating hours are 11am to 9pm seven days a week. Shifts are 4 to 5 hours long each throughout the day various times. You pick your own hours you can work, and pick hours to work around your schedule. All we ask is that you assist with managing our social Media accounts, hiring new drivers and managing them to ensure they are working when assigned to shifts. We also ask that you help manage our restaurants by maintaining up to date menus when needed, seeking new partner locations, and fostering a good working environment with our restaurants. You will also have to take shifts weekly when other drivers are not available so that all shifts are full but you will get additional pay when working delivery shifts. You will need to be able to take orders 11am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday at a minimum and you can handle your other duties during these times. You must be reliable and dependable, and represent the company to the highest standards.

Applicants Are Subject To A Background Check

Salary: Salary is based on a percentage of profit sharing of the location. This means that the better the location does, the better you will do. You will be given many tools by the owner to assist you, you will just need to give your 100% effort. This area is already well established and producing high numbers so earning potential is expected to be higher as well but there is always room to go up.

Experience: 1 year managerial (Preferred)
Location: Albany (Preferred)

Reliable Car
Smartphone with a Data plan
18+ years of age
Valid Driver’s License

This position requires you to be Technology Literate as we require several Apps that need to be downloaded on to your phone. These apps are used to access your schedule, receive your pay, receive business related communications from the team and Receive your dispatched deliveries. You need to be able to understand and operate these apps to complete the requirements of this position. You must also communicate with me frequently and keep up to date on happenings.